Reiki III Training & Certification

What Will I Learn in Reiki III?

In the Reiki III training and certification class, you will learn new topics as well as reviewing previous material:

  • A Brief Introduction to Reiki - reiterating the history of Reiki,
  • Scientific Explanation of Reiki - as communicated by William Rand. (Note: Even Dr. Usui had a hard time defining what Reiki was. He knew it was there but could not describe it. For him, it could not be reasoned nor explained. It existed as one pure moment of experience. When the Reiki energy starts to flow, it flows. In the moment when there is no distinction between you and the loving feeling of the flow, then you know what Reiki is, for there is nothing else to know, to explain, or to do.
  • Reiki - First Degree - works on the physical body,
  • Reiki - Second Degree - works inside the cells, and
  • Reiki - Third Degree (Reiki Master) - Works in the auric field outside the cells.

Japanese Reiki Techniques - The Usui Tradition

We will cover the Japanese Reiki techniques as taught by Dr. Usui, along with their application to today’s practice.

According to Frank Petter, the following are some of the techniques that were used by Dr. Usui to train his Reiki students:

  1. Gassho Meditation - means two hands coming together; The First Pillar of Reiki.
  2. Reiji-Ho - means indication of the Spirit; this meditation technique is called the Second Pillar of Reiki - this process prepares the practitioner to give a Reiki treatment,
  3. Chiryo (Chileo) - means treatment; this meditation technique is called the Third Pillar of Reiki - Dr. Usui taught that during this treatment, one would rely on one’s inner guidance rather than a predetermined set of hand positions,
  4. Koki-Ho - means breathing symbols to heal,
  5. Gyoshi-Ho - means using eyes to send Reiki,
  6. Enkaku Chiryo - means sending long distance treatment, and
  7. The Tanden - The Tanden is the center of the body, the seat of a person’s vitality and power.

The Healing Crisis

We will discuss the healing crisis – an explanation of it and what to do when it happens

A client may reach a turning point - a dynamic tension between the incoming positive healing energies struggling to reassert themselves, attempting to bring the client back into wholeness - after the negative energies have been released.

As the old stagnant energy leaves the body, old symptoms may return and current symptoms may be exacerbated.

Spirit Helpers

Wherever humans are, there are Spirit Beings.

The highest beings of Light who have a vested interest in a person’s healing.

  • Increasing spiritual awareness and psychic experience,
  • Widening our perception - the importance of widening our perception of the Spiritual realm and its role within our physical life,
  • Meeting and working with Spirit Guides, and
  • Angels - Messengers from God.

About Working with Angels

There are a variety of angels who guide, guard, heal and minister to the needs of the universe depending on their type of service.

The nine choirs of angels are: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. We will learn what issues these different Angels are concerned with on this planet, or in our universe.

Auras and Reiki

We will cover:

  • Aura and the Chakras - Review,
  • Aura balancing and cleaning - techniques for balancing and cleansing, and
  • Fueling our Chakras - drawing energy from our surroundings; colors act as nature’s food for the soul.

Procedure for a Reiki Session

Learn how to give a Reiki Session:

  • Additional Preparations - can be done prior to the client coming to the healing session,
  • Giving Reiki During Meditation,
  • Learning additional Healing Methods - to assist in the Reiki.

Reiki Symbols

  • Tibetan Buddhist Definition of the Five Reiki Symbols,
  • Review of the three Reiki symbols - received during previous Reiki trainings (Reiki I & II),
  • Two New Symbols - used for healing,
  • Dai-Ko-Myo - Reiki definition: Healing the soul , and
  • Raku – Reiki definition: Lightning bolt, Completion, Grounding.

Advanced Reiki Techniques - Utilizing Crystals and Minerals

Crystals and minerals play an important role in advanced Reiki techniques.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of Reiki healing with crystals,
  • Cleansing and Blessing,
  • Crystal Healing, and
  • The Reiki Grid.

Crystals and Healing with Reiki

Learn about man’s awareness of the benefits of Crystals and using them to achieve changes of energy, as a form of protection and a booster for courage. Various cultures used crystals and other gem stones as adornment, in a protective role, and for amplifying energy. The energies from the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom, especially Quartz, are used in many ways.

Cleansing and Blessings

For the Crystals to work effectively, they must be cleansed and blessed.

Crystal Healing

Intention is necessary for Reiki to flow, conscious or unconscious.

The Reiki Grid

Creating a Grid or pattern using eight crystals and charging them with Reiki energy so that they continuously send Reiki to your or anyone else whose picture or name you place in the Grid. This advanced technique is more effective than the use of a single crystal and can be send to send Reiki to many people and situations at the same time.

  • Cleansing and charging the crystals - using Reiki to cleanse and charge crystals prior to assembling the Reiki Grid,
  • Preparing the Grid - choosing eight crystals, asking for guidance in finding those that would work best in your Reiki Grid: six crystals for the outside, one for the center, and one to use as a master crystal wand,
  • Bring a picture of yourself or anyone/situation - choose a focus for whom you wish to send healing to during the day's exercise.

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