Reiki II Training & Certification

Topics Covered in Reiki II Class

Under Reiki II – The information you will receive:

  • Discussion about the Reiki II, SECOND DEGREE HEALING ENERGY and how it is an entirely different vibrational energy than First Degree
  • POLARITY BALANCING and why Disease (dis-ease) results from blockage or imbalance of this flow
  • WHAT CAN BE TREATED? Stories abound about Reiki helping to heal virtually every known illness and injury including serious problems.
  • THE AURA –Our connection to God - Learning about the aura, the multiple layers of “subtle bodies,” each layer connecting to the major chakras. Learning how far the Aura extends and how Reiki affects it. Utilizing intuition in healing
  • THE AURIC FIELD AND SCANNING – Learning the fine art of Scanning – both starting from the body and scanning outward, or from the top and scanning toward the body. Scanning the energy field is very important because the causes of most illnesses are in the aura, before they become problems in the physical body
  • SELF-SCANNING – Practicing self-scanning, looking for distortions and administering Reiki to ourselves when we find them. Self-scanning can bring into consciousness aspects of yourself that you were not aware of. You will get to know yourself better
  • BEAMING ACROSS THE ROOM – Practice session using the emotional healing symbol to beam Reiki to your client from across the room. This can dramatically increase healing. Learning how this unique healing process treats the aura
  • TREATING OTHERS – DISTANCE HEALING – Utilizing the symbol for Healing at a Distance to make contact with a person who is not in your physical presence. The distance is not important, for time or space is non-existent in spiritual reality. Distance healing is governed by a Divine law of healing: Thy will be done not mine. This law translates to say that unless the person will consciously utilize the healing energy, the BASIC REQUIREMENTS SENDING DISTANCE HEALING. Please bring a picture to class is you wish of the person you want to send distance healing to.

Reiki II focuses on scanning and beaming energy and utilizes two additional power symbols for healing: one for emotional healing and purification, one for distance healing and accessing the Akasic Records.

Reiki II Symbols

Review the Reiki I power symbol, and learn two new power symbols for Reiki II:

  • Review the CHO-KU-REI * Cho-Koo-Ray) - the power symbol from Reiki I,
  • SEI-HE-KI - for emotional healing, clearing, purification, and protection,
  • HON-SHE-ZE-SHO-NEN - for distance healing, the Akashic Records, and Past-Present-Future * (Hahn Sha Zey Sho Nen).

Special Topics in Reiki II

When Reiki Does Not Seem to Work

Becoming unattached to the outcome.

Healing and the Law

The laws of the United States allow healing (touching the body of another person) to be performed by licensed physicians, nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, and ministers when charging for our services. This does not apply when offering the services for free.

Chakras and Subtle Bodies

Reviewing the composition of our Aura: the Chakras, a Sanskrit word (the sacred language of India) which means Wheels of Light, the spinning vortexes of energy that are found on our bodies, both in the front and in the back, and top and bottom, and the energy system attached to the Chakras, the subtle bodies.

The Reiki II Attunement Process

The Reiki II Attunement Process is the ceremonial procedure by which the Reiki student becomes a Reiki healer. This is a simple laying-on of hands from the teacher to the student that then allows the student to receive the Reiki energy, Universal Life Force.

After the Attunement: The 21-Day Cleanse Process

After the attunement process in each of the Reiki Degrees, you may undergo outward signs, some of which include: dreams, “strange feelings,” emotional changes, or physical changes such as detoxification or “favorite foods” losing their importance in your life, or an aversion to alcohol or meat. These are just a few of the possible symptoms of the change which may occur.

Class Details

The class starts promptly at 9 am and will last through 6pm. I ask the students to gather between 8:45 and 9:00 am.

Please allow sufficient time to integrate the work after class. I try very hard to get you out at 6pm, but sometimes, we run over.

You Reiki II training is a very full day, filled with new energy. You will feel better by the close of the day.

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