Reiki I Training & Certification

What Will I Learn in Reiki I?

Under Reiki I – The information you will receive:

  • A discussion about Reiki in general
  • the History of Reiki, how it was founded, how it came to the United States, why it was discredited, and how that became rectified
  • Reiki Symbols – how and why the receipt of the symbols have changed from an oral tradition to a written tradition
  • How Reiki empowers you – your belief in it – knowing where to send it
  • What you sense when you receive Reiki
  • Guidelines for working with the Reiki energy
  • A discussion about Reiki attunement and continuing Initiations
  • How Reiki heals
  • Who and where to offer Reiki
  • Discussion about the Reiki Principles
  • Suggestions for enhancing your Reiki practice: Crystals, Oils, Flower Essences, Music, and Incense, the healing setting
  • Being open to Intuitive Guidance, and
  • The 21 Day Cleanse process and what to expect from it

Attunement will be given prior to the practice session.

Practice session under Reiki I includes practicing the Hand-Positions for Self-Healing and for Healing Others

Topics Covered in Reiki I Class

  • What is Reiki?,
  • History and Background,
  • Reiki Symbols,
  • How does Reiki empower you?,
  • Do you need to know specifically where to send the Reiki energy?, and
  • Six Guidelines.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of laying on of hands, and is one of the most powerful of the many such systems available today.

The work Reiki (pronounced ray – key) comes from two Japanese words: “rei” which means “universal” and “ki” which means “life force.” Hence, Reiki is called Universal Life Force, another word for God Energy.

History and Background

We study the history and background information of when Reiki was “received,” how it was promoted, and how it spread to the Western part of the world, and also why it was discredited and how that became rectified.

The Reiki that we study is the Usui method, originating with Dr. Mikao Usui. There are hundreds of other Reiki traditions, each having their own specific origin, each associated with a particular master.

While meditating underneath a waterfall that was known to open the crown chakra, Dr. Usui felt a powerful new energy enter his body and saw a group of symbols in his mind’s eye - those that form the basis of the symbols that are used in Usui Reiki. He tried the energy on himself, then came home and shared it with members of his family, then decided to share it with the others.

Reiki Symbols

In the beginning, the Reiki symbols were very mysterious and were passed down visually. Nothing was in writing. Teachers taught students who had to memorize the symbols.

Diane Stein changed all that with the publication of her book, Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art, in 1995. She published her experiences with her healing practice, all the Reiki symbols and variations, as well as the basic hand placements for healing self and others.

She took the “mystery” out of the Reiki process which, in turn, helped to spread Reiki around the world.

In Reiki I, you will receive the first Reiki symbol.

How Does Reiki Empower You?

Reiki is not similar to any other energy. It is difficult to describe, because it is different for each person, but most people feel a gentle flow of electrical impulse that is both soothing and stimulating at the same time.

You may feel a slight tingle, you may feel nothing. You may have an electrical impulse, sensations of movement within your hands or body, warm or cold feelings, buzzing, jabbing, or a very smooth gentle flow. You may feel nothing at all. All is “correct.”

As you feel the Reiki energy flowing into you, you will never be the same. You just have to feel it one time to know that this is something so profound and so wonderful that you never want to be without it. Most practitioners give themselves Reiki every day to affect their own healing.

Remember that all healing is self-healing. You receive as you give. You are the “channel” for the energy.

Do you need to know specifically where to send the Reiki energy?

Reiki has an intelligence of its own. It does not need to be directed. It will go to the place and to the person who needs it.

You may feel the need to send Reiki long distance to someone who needs it, who is not willing to accept it. The Higher Self will direct the energy to the place it is needed the most. No attempt at healing is “lost.”

I will often send Reiki to the “hot spots” of the world, the areas that have the most strife, especially now, and to the most sentient beings on the planet, the whales and the dolphins, the caretakers of the oceans and to the elephants and the bears, the caretakers of the land and to Mother Earth.

Six Guidelines

In Reiki I, I give you Six Guidelines for working with the Reiki energy.

Additional Information

Additional information about Reiki: how to use it wisely, in the event of energy depletion, how Reiki heals, enhancing medical treatment, saying Grace with Reiki.

The Attunement is completed prior to the practice session, in order to empower you for the practice session.

After the practice sessions, a discussion of the Reiki Principles, suggestions for enhancing your practice and the 21-day cleanse.

There is a nice balance of hands-on healing with discussion.

The class starts promptly at 9 am and will last through 6pm. I ask the students to gather between 8:45 and 9:00 am. Please allow sufficient time to integrate the work after class. I try very hard to get you out at 6pm, but sometimes, we run over. It is a very full day, filled with new energy. You will feel better at the end of the day.

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